Since 1992, Glasfil Polymer Sdn. Bhd. specializing in Plastic Injection Molding with Mold Fabrication and Plastic Production. Our office with build-in factory located at Balakong, Selangor. Owned a high technology machine and experience system expert,show an big impact on production. With its 25 years experienced in the plastic industry,our expert knowledge, competence and reliability continue success in producing plastic product.

As one of the leading manufacturer in Malaysia. Glasfil Polymer offer customers a one stop solution for mold fabrication and plastic injection. Our in-house design and tooling expertise provide professional part design and drawing according to the most exacting specifications. We do in-house trial and submit samples for customer’s approval to maintain our top quality assurance.

By achieving ISO 9001 : 2015 certified status in year 2017, Glasfil Polymer becoming aware of the own corporate process and activity in each product within the scope of certification that help to identify continuously potential for improvement of the company. We promises the quality of the product will be either perfection or masterpiece for our customer and meet all the requirement needed.





 ISO 9001 : 2015 manufacturing

 Mold fabrication/tooling c/w design and analysis

 Plastic injection molding with Video Non-Contact Measuring Device ( Accuracy ± 3 micron)

 Expertise in plastic material recommendation / consultation

 Material design with 2D and 3D Solidworks in plastic which includes Strength Analysis, Production Stimulation, Structural Strength and Pressure Resistance

 Provide secondary process such as Ultrasonic Welding, Pad Printing, Silk Screen and Assembly Jobs

 Manufacturing company which comply to Green Environmental System

Mold Flow Analysis
Mold Design Consultancy
Strength Analysis
Material Design Analysis
Ultrasonic Welding


Material Consultation
Silk Screen
Pad Printing
Modification of Product
Assembly Job

Constantly improving and upgrading our production technology and at the same time educating our staffs to fulfill the customer’s demand and becoming the trusted manufacturer. In future, we will implement integrated operation with multiple technologies and be the “one stop centre” for plastic products market to fulfill diverse customers requirements. Thus, Glasfil Polymer will be able to offer customers with products that exceed their expectations.

We serve original equipment manufacturers across multiple industries. Our current productions are a series of automotive, furniture accessories, telecommunication, automation, bathroom parts, electronics and electrical. Glasfil Polymer capable to navigate our aspiration to be recognized as the reliable polymer designer and supplier for plastic products in the global market place, we began to exported our product directly to Singapore and Germany and to USA, Australia and other countries indirectly.