Glasfil Polymer once received an order to produce black tubes that was to be part of spark plugs that were meant for lorries. A spark plug is what supplies the spark that will ignite the air and fuel mixture, thus creating the explosion which makes the vehicle’s engine produce power. Because of its application, the material we selected had to be able to withstand high temperatures and have high hardness.

At first the material we used was PBT supplied from Taiwan. However, when our QA team tested the part it failed the Heat Deflection test. So we developed a special compounded PBT mater with Glass Fiber. PBT is commonly used in electrical and electronic industries as an insulator. PBT is resistant to solvents, mechanically strong and has high heat resistance up to 150°C but PBT with glass fiber has a heat resistance of 200°C. The glass fiber will also increase the strength of the tubes making them harder to break.

By developing the new material we managed to help out our customer as they were previously facing problems with the part breaking and current leaking using a different material. We worked tirelessly for two months before we succeeded.