A customer from the construction industry came to us with a product part of the water pump. The product part is a part of a water pump that is used to control water flow in the construction industry. Due to the water pump being installed outdoors and it is used to filter the chemical wastage, the product part that is made in metal started to corrosion and it is hard to remove it while the metal part is fully erosion. So as to eliminate the corrosion problems they appointed us to find a material that was strong and hard enough to endure chemical wastage in order to  replace the metal. Before they reach to us they had to change the metal part frequently but turn out the it still couldn’t solve the issues.  


After understanding customer concern and requirement ,our R&D team suggests that customer use material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) as it to replace metal in view of the fact that offers a wide variety of application with its rigid and flexible forms that is hard enough to resist sunlight damage, eliminate rusting issues and it is lighter than metal. We perform tests for the product several times in order to ensure the product is strong enough to be used in the construction industry.


Eventually we managed to achieve customer requirements and we had passed the heat resistance from the customer side and solved the corrosion issue for the customer. Customers are happy with our services.