There always a silver lining in every progress that have been made. In Glasfil Polymer, each of staff contribution made an impact toward what have we achieve today. The positivism that have been immerse in our team of workforce help us to overcome every challenge and obstacle until we accomplish our goal. All the achievement and accomplishment in Glasfil Polymer so far, comes from hard work and high knowledge with astounding experience from our expert and team of work force. Here some achievement that we would like to share with as a token of appreciation to all of our hard work and dedicated work as a team.



Water Meter Housing

Problem : The Water Meter Housing was the most challenging project for us. This part required a lot of study and research.We started doing fabrication after we completely done all the research, analysis and simulation.

Solution : We work closely with customer in order to have an excellent outcome as required. Finally, after it passes all the tests, the part being approved for application.

We are so proud that this part being manufactured and produced here in Malaysia and eventually it will replace the existing parts manufactured in South Africa due to quality issue.


PP Diamond Clip

Problem : PP Diamond Clip when sent to overseas, it always experienced breaking when glass being inserted and always ended up rejected and returned in container. It also has color-faded, weathering problems.

Solution : First of all, we eliminate the use of PP Homo as a base for formulation and we adopt PP Copo. We add in special additives to impart softness, but at the same time, it remains rigid. UV Stabilizer and Antioxidant are added in to prevent parts from color fading.

Quality Check : The Diamond PP Clip were sent to Singapore Laboratory for weathering and ageing test continuously for 3 months . It passes all the test.

The parts now are being used in places like Australia for many years without complaint and rejects.


PBT Black Tube

Problem : Customer have face problems with part breaking and current leaking.

Solution : We have developed a special compounded PBT material with Glass Fiber to strengthen the functionality of the tubes.

Advantage : The material we developed can   stand high temperature up to 200° C   and at the same time it maintain its   rigidity.

Disadvantage : The initial material used supplied from Taiwan. However, it failed the Heat Deflection Temperature and Hardness Test.

Duration : It takes us two months before we succeed.