Plastic Injection Molding commonly used in manufacturing process for plastic fabrication. At Glasfil Polymer , plastic injection molding is one of the technology that been used in our production and we development  a wide variety of products.
There are three crucial elements in injection molding :

  • The injection molding machine
  • Raw material (plastic)
  • Mold

With all the element above, we start our product with cycle in order to create a systematic and productive way to develop our product. There are four cycle that is clamping , injection , cooling and ejection. Each phases contribute their own role to produce a plastic product.


Clamping – Prior to the injection of the material into the mold, the two halves of the mold must first be securely closed by the clamping unit. Each half of the mold is attached to the injection molding machine and one half is allowed to slide. The hydraulically powered clamping unit pushes the mold halves together and exerts sufficient force to keep the mold securely closed while the material is injected.

Injection – The raw plastic material, usually in the form of pellets, is fed into the injection molding machine, and advanced towards the mold by the injection unit. During this process, the material is melted by heat and pressure. The molten plastic is then injected into the mold very quickly and the buildup of pressure packs and holds the material. The amount of material that is injected is referred to as the shot.

Cooling – The molten plastic that is inside the mold begins to cool as soon as it makes contact with the interior mold surfaces. As the plastic cools, it will solidify into the shape of the desired part.

Ejection – After sufficient time has passed, the cooled part may be ejected from the mold by the ejection system, which is attached to the rear half of the mold. When the mold is opened, a mechanism is used to push the part out of the mold.

After each phases completed , the molded part will be product. Then, t.he secondary process will clean and process each product to become final product. The picture below shows the example of molded part and final part of product.


  Molded Part                    Final Part