Moving toward the future is challenging because new product and tools are develop all the time,As plastic industry grew,competitor keep rise. Glasfil Polymer takes this opportunity to upgrade our Research and Development facilities and allocates almost 5-10% of the company’s total revenue for R&D annual expenses. This indicate that we committed to improve this department to implement better design and execution of our product.

Our R&D takes hurdle in project with immediate practical relevance and we focus forward from material via production processes and component properties up to assessment of procedures and products in the light of economical and ecological aspects. Our research results meet operating requirements,benefiting quality and efficiency.

The newly purchase of 2D and 3D Solidworks 2009 Version and MOLDEX 3D Software help increase the flexibility and innovative with versatile in designing product.With such sophisticated tool, structural analysis, modeling and suitability of thread and gear system can be run and review before they are fabricated. We start analysis based on the design given by customer. The result will help us to investigate what andwhere is the best possible gate point. From there, we could detect any defects at earlier stage and prevent the defects such as warping, weld line, sink mark etc. These analysis being done before we move to next step of mold fabrication.

Software Demonstration




The purchase of SolidWork 3D in year 2010 has shown our commitment to be in advance in designing good quality product.We have allocate percentage of investment in R&D stage is very crucial in determining the initial study and analysis of all the design created.The benefit of the software will help to increase our capability as well as improve our lead time in fabrication and mold testing stage.

SolidWorks Feature : –

  • Parts and Assembling of Products
  • Interference Checking
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Animation and Rendering in 3D
  • Cost Estimation and Documentation
  • Basic System Requirements


With the assistance of SolidWorks design, we have token one more advanced step by purchasing Moldex 3D software.This is another improvement stage in Research and Development Department.

The benefits of the analysis:

  • Validation of design before real mold fabrication
  • Enhance mold capability
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve accuracy
  • Shorten the market introduction time
  • Increase high performance of products