Secondary process will be provide as our added value promise to produce high quality product.With our in-house machine and material, it shorten the duration of production operation and reduces costs. With this technology, Glasfil Polymer Sdn. Bhd. able to complete each order quickly and help bring your product to market.We provide convenient feature by adding secondary process like pad printing in your order.

Each time the quote been requested for a custom plastic injection, an additional options like adding secondary process to the produce will be offer to the customer to enhance the quality and spec or feature of the product. A very useful feature to open up your option and knowledge that you as a consumer or customer can see how choosing a secondary process will affect your piece price, quality, instantly of your product.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is one of our secondary process services where it joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. By converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion. With this process help increase our product properties and image better than other competitors.

Pad printing is process of printing a 2D artwork on a 3D item with the aid of a tampography machine.We offer this process as our services to provide great versatility as a malleable pad is used to dispense the ink, allowing it to be printed on any given surface. With our in-house machine help the process  run at high speed without damaging the details of the product. This shows that our company promise you high quality product.

Silk Screen process achieved by forcing a thick ink-paste evenly through the mesh of the screen , with a special plastic blade. The screen can be of silk, synthetics or metal, and to make the screen it is given a coating of special polymer. The required text or logo is transferred to the screen from a negative.  The great advantage of silk-screen printing is that it offers excellent ink density and ensure good print adhension . The process being conduct gently in order to product fine product that meet customer  requirement.

Assembly operations will identify and eliminate waste in our product line. It help reducing the cost and time of completing each of our order. As our value added service, we completed assemblies or sub-assemblies using a wide range of assembly techniques. We enhance each our product in a new level so that it can help you bring your world class products to market first in this global economy is our primary goal. You can rest assured, we will accomplish our goal.